A north Idaho aluminum recycling company has announced it will begin the first round of hiring this week for 67 new jobs.

Internation Mill Service is building a new $14 million-plus facility, which is expected to be completed by March.Joe Wojciechowski, plant manager for the company's aluminum recycling plant near Hauser, said the firm will hire about 15 workers with maintenance skills, particularly millwrights and electricians.

A annual payroll of about $1.3 million or an average employee salary of $20,000 is expected, he said.

Meanwhile, the company plans to dispose of its dross at a Wendover, Utah, landfill, Wojciechowski said.

To cut the expense of hauling the waste, returning trucks will be laden with salt flux, a product purchased in Utah that is crucial to the recycling process.

Wojciechowski said the industry is nearing a major processing breakthrough that will allow remelt companies to recycle waste continually, eliminating the need to bury it.