Three Timpanogos Community Mental Health officials have formally resigned after being suspended two weeks ago after allegations of mismanagment and misuse of public funds.

Director Glen Brown, finance director Craig Stevens and youth program director Carl Smith gave several reasons for resigning.Brown said Monday his administrative effectiveness has been compromised since his suspension. Stevens and Smith said they were resigning after hearing their pay would be changed.

Seven administrators were suspended April 5. The Utah attorney general's office is investigating charges that more than $1 million in public funds may have been misused.

Clinical director Richard Spencer and program directors Alan Fife, Jim Schwartz and Derek Timms were also suspended.

The seven were suspended until Wednesday, when legislative auditors are expected to report their findings.

Smith and Stevens submitted their resignations to Brown. Brown submitted his resignation to Utah County Commissioner Gary Anderson, Summit County Commissioner Ron Robinson and Wasatch County Commissioner Larry Duke who make up the Timp Mental Health board of directors.

Both Smith and Stevens said they were resigning because the center's pay incentive program would be discontinued. But Dave Lambert, an attorney hired to represent the center, said it was "never understood that they would get that money anyway."

He said the seven were suspended with pay, but only their regular salaries. They would not get compensation for contracts, as in the past, he said.

Brown said he is proud of the programs initiated and the personnel assembled since he took over the center in 1976.

He pledged to assist the center's interim director, Keith Tintle, and help officials with the audit. Anderson said Tintle will return to his administrative duties at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center as soon as a director can be found.