Democratic Party State Chairman Randy Horiuchi has decided to remain at his post until his term expires in June.

Earlier this year, when it appeared that Democrat Ted Wilson would win the governor's race, Horiuchi said he would resign "the day after the election." He said he changed his mind after Wilson lost in a close three-way race.Horiuchi, who has been a critic of Republicans the past three years, said last week that he may leave his chairmanship after January's Legislature, but Monday he said he will serve out the rest of his term.

"The party needs some time to shake down, so the proper group can select a successor. If I quit now or even in January, that may not happen. Also, I want to leave with the party in firm financial footing. We owe some money now, not much, and I want that debt taken care of. I don't want to leave it for someone else," Horiuchi said.

Horiuchi was a paid consultant on the Wilson campaign and it was assumed that if Wilson won, Horiuchi would be part of the new Democratic administration. Horiuchi said he'll now return to his "other job besides politics" - a paid lobbyist.