The United States has released $19.8 million in aid to Haiti because the military government has made some moves toward democratic reforms, the State Department said Monday.

The aid, for humanitarian programs such as health care and disaster relief, was blocked in November 1987 when violence forced the cancellation of the first presidential election in Haiti in three decades.Department spokesman Charles Redman said the United States also has agreed to provide $10 million to the Agriculture Department as credit guarantees to back the commercial sale of American wheat to Haiti.

Gen. Prosper Avril, who seized power Sept. 17, has pledged to lead Haiti to democracy and has fired dozens of Army officers believed to have been obstacles to democratic change.

The United States suspended a total of $70 million in economic and military aid last November after a massacre led by the Tontons Macoute, a paramilitary group that backed the 30-year Duvalier dynasty.