The convictions of mob boss Nicodemo "Little Nicky" Scarfo and 16 associates have taken "the guts out" of a deadly Philadelphia-southern New Jersey crime family, a prosecutor says.

A federal jury Saturday night convicted Scarfo, 59, and 16 associates in a racketeering conspiracy that included murder, drug dealing, loan-sharking and illegal gambling."One of the things that this case did was it broke the myth of the Mafia's invincibility," said assistant U.S. attorney Louis Pichini.

Pichini said the convictions crippled the crime family because of the number of defendants involved and their high rankings in the organization.

"With one conviction, we were able to take the guts out," Pichini said.

Each defendant was found guilty on each of the two main conspiracy counts they faced. In addition, some were found guilty on other charges they faced individually.

Sentencing was not immediately scheduled by U.S. District Judge Franklin Van Antwerpen. All face possible sentences of from 40 to 55 years in prison.