Fads come and go, but snowboard enthusiasts will not likely be retiring their boards to forgotten piles.

Snowboarding in the past 10 years has developed from an obscure and unrefined pastime to a serious sport, complete with a professional men's and women's circuit, culminating with the World Cup Snowboarding.As the sport has matured, so has the art of snowboard building. The board, which began as little more than a wooden plant with a pointed nose, now borrows the latest technology developed in the aerospace industry. Polymer plastics and advanced composite materials are used to build these radical stand-on sleds.

With the increased credibility that snowboarding has developed, the resort owners, many of who prohibited snowboard use just three years ago, now welcome the "shredders" to their slopes.

Many Utah resorts are, at present, determining guidelines and policies governing snowboard access to their slopes. Following is a list of resorts that currently beckon the boarders to their facilities.

Beaver Mountain serves northern Utah, the area makes available 364 acres and 1,600 vertical drop to snowboarders.

Blue Mountain offers snowboarders users of their single Poma-lift.

Brian Head is totally involved in the program and offers snowboard rentals, lessons and access to 100 percent of its slopes.

Brighton also is open to snowboarders.

Elk Meadows/Mount Holly is near Beaver and offers snowboard access.

ParkWest was one of the first to open its slopes to the single boards.

Powder Mountain recently put in a "half-pipe" for snowboarders.

Snowbasin offers training and instruction in snowboard use.

Snowbird will open its slopes to snowboarders for the first time this season. There will be special areas designated for snowboard use.

Before going out and buying a board, there are a few tips future boarders should be aware of.

The first, before going out and buying a board, rent a board and take a couple of lessons. Like skis, boarders start short and grow into a longer board.

Choose a length and construction that suits your style and strength. The more athletic the boarder the longer the snowboard.

There are two types of bindings - soft and hard. Soft bindings are the more inexpensive and more for the beginner, while the hard bindings are more expensive and more for cutting gates and precise turns.

Dress for snowboarding, or dress warm and comfortable.