Two huge boxes were opened Saturday morning at the evidence room in the basement of the Ogden Police Department.

Officer Deloy White and evidence technician Kathryn Buzick sorted its contents and placed property into a burn box. Other items were sorted and placed into three smaller boxes labeled Walker, Naisbitt and Mi-chelle.The sorted material was the remaining evidence used to convict and execute two men who participated in the Hi Fi Shop killings 18 years ago.

"I'll be glad when this is over," said Buzick, as she pulled out another dust-covered plastic bag full of bloodstained clothing. "This is probably the oldest case I've held evidence for.

"It was a very planned organizational thing (crime)," she continued, as she pulled the clothing out. "So very, very sick."

Three people were shot and killed on the night of April 22, 1974. Two others survived. All were forced to drink Drano, and one victim had a pen kicked into his ear.

Killed were Sherry Michelle Ansley, 18; Carol Naisbitt, 52; and Stanley Walker, 20. Those who survived were Carol Naisbitt's son, Cortney, 16, and Stanley Walker's father, Orren, 43.

Three people were arrested and convicted in the case. Keith Roberts was convicted of robbery and released from the Utah State Prison a few years ago. Pierre Dale Selby was executed in 1987, and William Andrews was executed July 30 for his participation in the robbery and killings. After almost two decades, the case is closed.

Second District Judge Stanton Taylor signed an order this past week to have the Hi Fi evidence destroyed. Most of it will be burned next Saturday. The four guns taken into evidence will be dismantled.

Sifting through the evidence, Buzick threw bloodstained clothing into the burn box. Other personal belongings of the victims were placed into the smaller boxes to be returned to the families.

"I still remember most of it," White said. "I'm just glad it's over."

The half-empty bottle of Drano was thrown into the burn box. Autopsy reports, blood and hair samples, defendants' clothing, crime scene photos and the carpet on which the bodies were found in the basement of the stereo shop also will be burned.

About an hour after Buzick and White began sorting through the evidence, Brent Richardson - former owner of the Hi Fi Shop - retrieved the stereo equipment that had not already been returned by Ogden police.

About $25,000 worth of equipment was stolen from Richardson's business during the incident. About 10 years ago, most of his property was returned.

All that was left were two speakers, two turntable dust covers, two cassette players and a sculpture. Richardson said he was going to take the cassette players to a local secondhand store and keep the speakers and sculpture.

Tearing off the evidence stickers, Richardson said, "I'm just picking up the last pieces. No real emotions."

After Richardson left, Buzick and White continued sorting, pulling out one dusty plastic bag after another.

White started talking about the case again. He was a detective when the murders occurred.

"Six people were involved in this," he said. "We only had enough evidence to convict three."

White said Selby and Andrews were in the basement with the victims, two were driving vans and moving stereo equipment from the store to a rented shed and two others were lookouts.

"Andrews was the brains behind the whole deal, the one who organized it," said White. "Pierre was the enforcer."

Picking up the boxes as he prepared to head upstairs, White turned around and asked, "So is this it? Have we heard the last of the Hi Fi murders?"