Nolan Ryan was ejected with two outs in the eighth inning of Thursday night's game against the Oakland Athletics after he hit Willie Wilson in the leg with a pitch.

Ryan said after the game that he can't remember being ejected before in his 26-year major-league career.The game, which Oakland led 2-0, was interrupted for nearly 10 minutes after booing fans littered the field with hundreds of cups and food wrappers. Players poured onto the field from both benches, but there was no brawl.

The near-capacity crowd of 36,712 fans littered the field again after the inning.

Ryan had held the A's to six hits and struck out 12 batters when he was ejected by home plate umpire Rich Garcia. He was replaced by Edwin Nunez.

Jose Canseco was ejected in the sixth inning after he argued with Garcia about his third strikeout of the game.

Wilson and Ryan had engaged in a brief shouting match after Wilson tripled off the center-field wall in the seventh. Wilson and Walt Weiss, whom Ryan walked, scored in the inning.

"Willie seems to have a problem," Ryan said. "He thinks he can scream obscenities all game and if someone says something back, he wants to get a reaction from the ump."

Wilson, who accused Ryan of shouting an obscenity at him before he hit his triple, said he expected to be hit in his next at-bat.

"I knew he was going to hit me. I just didn't know what pitch," Wilson said. "He's always done that. He stares people down, he walks around the mound, he just tries to intimidate everybody.

"This is his country, his town, his stadium. He's not a legend in my mind."