Cache County school Superintendent Clark Puffer says equalization of capital outlay funds by the Legislature is the only solution in sight for his district's current financial crisis.

Puffer told the school board Friday that some of the district's older buildings need repairs to ceilings, flooring and other areas."With a maintenance crew of only five people serving 16 schools, they don't have time to do much more than take care of emergencies," Puffer said.

"If our buildings are not adequately maintained, we could face overwhelming building costs in the near future."

Puffer said because of the rapid growth rate and the county's low property tax valuation, the district receives a meager amount of state funding for capital expenditures.

"Many of the other districts have voted leeway taxes to provide extra money for education," he said.

But board member Carol Funk said it would be a serious mistake to even propose raising taxes after the recent battle over tax initiatives.

Monti Jones, president of the PTA council, said she has been "in the trenches" for the past several months working to defeat the tax initiatives.

"What I heard out there was that our people were willing to work against the initiatives if we would help make sure they are not taxed any more," she said. "Last year, I would have supported a voted leeway, but with the mood of the people now, I think we should wait another couple of years."

Puffer said it would be difficult to persuade lawmakers to equalize capital expenditures because the wealthier districts are certain to oppose it.

"I think it would help convince them if we could prove we have made every effort to raise money ourselves, including a voted leeway proposal," he said.