The Immigration and Naturalization Service has rejected more than 3,200 undocumented immigrants who have applied for a special farm worker amnesty program in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.

Donald H. Russell, district INS director in Denver, said the three states have received about 16,000 applications under the special agricultural program that is to expire Nov. 30.The 3,200 denials were mainly due to applicants presenting phony documentation, he said.

Russell said the program has been plagued by abuses because applicants need only present an affidavit from an agricultural employer showing they worked at least 90 days in the United States between May 1985 and May 1986.

"A lot of people are going around with a bunch of letters with facsimile signatures and selling them for whatever the traffic will bear," he said.

So far, no phony document vendors have been arrested in the region, but several cases are under investigation, said Russell.

He said that in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, about 45 to 50 percent of the affidavits presented to INS officials are phony.