NBC won the gold, the silver and the bronze in the ratings with its first full week of Olympic coverage.

NBC won every night and claimed the top seven slots for an overall 20.2 rating last week, the A.C. Nielsen Co. said.Second-place CBS had an 8.2. ABC had a 7.5, Fox a 6. Each ratings point represents 921,000 homes.

NBC said its 12-point lead over CBS was the widest weekly margin of victory in the network's history. It was NBC's highest rating since October 1986.

The share of the viewing audience tuned to NBC's Olympics coverage hit 40 percent on Thursday, dropping to 34 percent on Friday and Sunday.

Rounding out the Top 10 were reruns of ABC's "Roseanne" and "Home Improvement" and the Canadian-made television movie, "Conspiracy of Silence," on CBS.

Here are the top 20 shows, their network and rating:

1. "XXV Olympics Summer Games - Thursday," NBC, 22.3; 2. "XXV Olympics Summer Games - Tuesday," NBC, 20.5; 3. "XXV Olympics Summer Games - Monday," NBC, 19.7; 4. "XXV Olympics Summer Games - Wednesday," NBC, 18.9; 5. "XXV Olympics Summer Games - Saturday," NBC, 18.3; 6. "XXV Olympics Summer Games - Sunday," NBC, 18.1; 7. "XXV Olympics Summer Games - Friday," NBC, 16.9; 8. "Roseanne," ABC, 13.9; 9. "Home Improvement," ABC, and "CBS Tuesday Movie: Conspiracy of Silence," CBS, 12.2 (tied).

11. "60 Minutes," CBS, 11.6; 12. "Coach," ABC, 11.1; 13. "Murder, She Wrote," CBS, 10.4, 9.6 million homes; 14. (tie)"Full House," ABC, and "Home Improvement," ABC, 10.1; 16. "Stephen King's It," Part I - ABC Sunday Movie, 10.0; 17. (tie) "Northern Exposure," CBS, and "To Be the Best," Part I - CBS Sunday Movie, 9.3; 19. "Happy Days Reunion," ABC, 9.1; 20. (tie) "Beverly Hills, 90210," Fox, and "48 Hours," CBS, 8.8.