President Reagan praised the productivity of America's farms and factories Saturday and said Americans of all faiths should "ask the Lord's blessing" at Thanksgiving.

"As we, of whatever faith we are, give praises to his name, let us thank him for our peace, prosperty and freedom," the president said.Reagan, in his weekly radio address delivered from the Oval Office, recalled the tale of the Pilgrim settlers who asked their Indian neighbors to join them in the first Thanksgiving celebration.

"Together they sat around their bountiful table and bowed their heads in gratitude to the Lord for all that he had bestowed upon them. This week, so many years later, we too will gather with family and friends and, after saying grace, carve up the turkey, pass around the cranberries and dressing, and later share slices of pumpkin pie," Reagan said.

The president noted that even though much of the nation suffered this year from a disastrous drought, farmers were able to harvest more food than the nation could eat and were able to export food overseas.

The president also pointed with pride to the nation's economy, contending that America's factories are "zipping along at capacity" and that the work force is producing "so efficiently that no one can touch them."