Japan's ailing Emperor Hirohito Saturday entered a third month in his battle against suspected abdominal cancer, with court doctors saying they are concerned about his weakening strength and spirit.

Palace spokesman Kenji Maeda told a scheduled evening news conference that there has been little change in the condition of the 87-year-old monarch in more than a week.Hirohito, the symbolic leader of the nation of 124 million, completed an 11th day without discharging blood from his diseased intestines and received no transfusion during the day, the spokesman said.

The emperor spoke briefly to one of his nurses when he awoke in the morning but slept through visits later in the day from six members of the imperial family, including his eldest son and heir, Crown Prince Akihito, 54.

The spokesman said the monarch's vital signs remained steady throughout the day. His temperature in the evening was 99 degrees, his blood pressure 126 over 50 and pulse 86 beats per minute.