Soldiers raided or clamped curfews on nine Arab villages and refugee camps in the occupied lands Saturday to search for anti-Israeli activists, and 13 Palestinians were shot during ensuing clashes, Arab reports said.

Palestinian businesses and public transportation were paralyzed by a general strike to mark the anniversary of the death of a founder of the Palestinian resistance movement.The strike in honor of Sheikh Ezzedine Al Kassem, fatally shot in 1935 by British rulers in the northern city of Haifa, was called by pro-PLO underground leaders of the uprising. It was endorsed by the Moslem fundamentalist "Hamas" or "Zeal" movement.

Streets were deserted in major West Bank cities and throughout the Gaza Strip, but confrontations were reported in outlying neighborhoods of Gaza City, refugee camps and near the West Bank's largest city, Nablus.

Palestinians attacked soldiers with rocks in four villages near Nablus where the troops came in jeeps to conduct searches and arrests, Arab news reports said. The number of detentions was not reported.