The West Valley City Council has rejected a bid to amend the community's master plan and allow a business and research park on recently annexed land near Hercules Aerospace.

The council Thursday night rejected the proposal to change the master plan from low density residential to light manufacturing or research/-business park.The proposal would have allowed the city's Planning Commission to consider only a zoning change that met the criteria of a business and research park or manufacturing.

But the council, led by Councilwoman Janice Fisher, rejected the proposal. Fisher argued the area around 60th West and 41st South was mostly residential, and a business or research park would conflict with the neighborhood.

"It's a mistake to set manufacturing across from residences," Fisher said. The area "says residential. It says, `I am a place for people to live.' "

The plot was annexed from the county last year in a compromise with the aerospace company, which threatened to leave Utah if housing developments were not stopped from encroaching too near the plant.

But Mayor Brent Anderson, who supported the plan to develop the plot for a research park, was the only council member to vote against Fisher's alternative proposal to keep the area light residential.

A Utah Power & Light Co. corridor, elementary school and Beehive Clothing Mill along with houses surround the site, from 60th West to 58th West and 41st South to 4240 South.

The council also put on hold a proposal allowing heavy manufacturing on the Hercules site and providing for recreational or light manufacturing on property located between the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad tracks and the southern West Valley boundary from 56th West to the city's western limits.

Anderson has eyed the site for a golf course near the recently annexed plot. The plan was tabled while the city's staff further examines potential conflicts with adjacent land uses.