An increase in air traffic, including night flights, will be noticed by residents around Hill Air Force Base Monday through Wednesday as a training exercise is conducted by the 388th Tactical Fighter Wing.

Called "Battleweek," the exercise will run Monday through Wednesday, with night flights 7:30 to 9 p.m. Monday and Tuesday. The exercise will end midday on Wednesday, base officials said.Lt. Col. Dorin Balls, chief of the 388th's inspections, said the wing received high marks during an August readiness inspection but turnover in personnel since then requires a new training exercise.

"There has been a large turnover of people in the 388th since the operational readiness inspection in August," said Balls. "A primary objective is to train the newcomers to the high state of readiness the rest of our people has achieved.

"We'll be testing our people on all aspects of combat operations," said the colonel. "This will include simulated airfield attacks with conventional and chemical weapons and simulated terrorists trying to penetrate secure areas."