Chevron Corp. Friday donated $100,000 to help build the new Primary Children's Medical Center now under construction near University Hospital on the University of Utah campus.

The gift, earmarked to fund construction of the hospital's physician/parent medical library, is one of the largest ever made by Chevron in Utah.Jerry Moffitt, Chevron's Utah refinery manager, said the company funds very few capital construction projects. "But Mack Lawrence touched us just right," said Moffitt.

"He reminded us of how the Children's building in Salt Lake City's Avenues area was funded in the early 1950s. We remembered the fine feelings as children of donating pennies for the bricks to build that hospital."

Lawrence is chairman of Primary Children's Campaign for Children, a program to raise $12 million toward the $67 million construction cost of the new medical center. The facility is scheduled to open early in 1990.

Dr. John L. Dolcourt, director of Primary Children's medical library, said children and their parents will directly benefit from the gift. "Information, and easy access to that information, is the key to quality medical care," said Dolcourt. "A vibrant medical library is fundamental to a modern pediatric center such as Primary Children's."

Last year, Chevron donated some $251,000 to a variety of organizations in Utah.