Dodgers pitcher John Tudor underwent reconstructive elbow surgery Thursday, and Dr. Frank Jobe said the left-hander should be able to return during the middle of next season. Tudor suffered a torn tendon in his pitching elbow.

Tudor underwent the "Tommy John surgery," which Jobe developed for the former Dodger left-hander in 1974, in which the damaged ligament was replaced with a tendon from his left forearm.Jobe also removed frayed cartilage by arthroscope from the 34-year-old Tudor's left shoulder and removed two screws from his right knee. Tudor broke the knee 16 months earlier in a freak dugout accident while he was with the St. Louis Cardinals.

"He will start rehabilitation and should be able to throw batting practice by the end of spring training," said Jobe, the Dodgers' team physician. "With rehabilitation, he should be able to pitch competitively by misdeason."