A public hearing is scheduled at 7:15 p.m. Dec. 13 in the City Council chambers to gather comments on amendments to American Fork's development code.

The Planning Commission has recommended the establishment of a central commercial zone to facilitate orderly development of property within and adjacent to the existing central business area. The zone stipulations minimize adverse impacts on residents in the area and encourage preservation and restoration of historical homes.The new zone would be identified as the CC-2 Central Commercial Zone. The zone would not immediately apply to any specific area of the city, but if adopted by the City Council, the Planning Commission could incorporate areas into the zone in the future.

Major differences between the new CC-2 zone and the existing commercial zone include prohibition of use of a front setback for off-street parking, clearly identified permitted uses and a broadened scope of use of historical structures. The front setback, according to the ordinance, would have to be landscaped.

The zone focuses on areas of the city initially developed for residential purposes that have more recently been used for offices and commercial businesses. These areas are located primarily along and just off of Main Street.

Following the public hearing, the City Council will take action on the ordinance, provided major changes are not requested. If that should occur, the ordinance will be sent back to the Planning Commission for revision before being sent to the council.