The editor of Brigham Young University's student newspaper got the surprise of her life Thursday when she opened the paper and found a marriage proposal - her marriage proposal.

The culprit was Deseret News staff member Brian West, who has been dating Daily Universe editor Camille Goodrich for about a year. The two met when both were working on the copy desk of the student newspaper last year.West enlisted the help of some of his old buddies from the Universe to get his letter, which read, "Dear editor, will you marry me?" into the paper without his intended seeing it. He then took her to breakfast, handed her the hot edition and waited.

"She finally noticed the letter and was quite shocked, and of course the answer was yes. I was never worried at all," West said. "I guess it was kind of cute. It was kind of a BYU thing to do, I guess. It just seemed like the most appropriate way to propose, because we met at the Universe."

The couple, both from Bountiful, will marry in late February.