Skateboarders who frequent the sidewalks on the city's Main Street will not have to worry about the City Council passing an ordinance directed at them - at least not yet.

The council agreed this week not to consider an ordinance that would ban skateboards from new downtown sidewalks. While Mayor Dean Stahle wanted such an ordinance, council members said they believed such an ordinance would be too selective when skateboard problems exist around the city."We have had bicycles, scooters and now skaters. I don't believe we should have separate ordinances for each new thing that comes out," Councilman Keith Barton said.

Stahle said while he admired the skill of the street surfers bouncing off of new concrete planters and benches, he thinks they pose a threat to an area that the city wants to attract pedestrians to.

"Don't you think it will go away?" Councilwoman Phyllis Southwick asked the mayor.

Salt Lake City recently passed an ordinance banning skateboards from downtown streets.

Police Chief Larry Higgins told the council that his officers have been cracking down with existing ordinances that prohibit skateboards on roads and vandalism ordinances if skateboarders damage cement structures in the downtown.

Since police started watching the problem, two citations have been issued.