The public clamor that kept the City Council from creating a Redevelopment Agency in 1985 did not exist this week when the council created an RDA.

The RDA was adopted after development company F.C. Stangl requested it in order to facilitate improvements at the strip mall on the southwest corner of 90th South and Redwood Road. Creation of the RDA would permit the city to utilize tax increment financing which Stangl says is needed for projects at the strip mall and possibly to improve a shopping plaza at 78th South and Redwood Road.Three years ago the council planned to establish an RDA and declare as blighted the area along 78th South between 13th West and Redwood Road. Many property owners in the proposed RDA project area did not know of the plan in the conceptual stages and took exception to it once they found out. Plans for the RDA were scrapped.

Economic conditions have changed and so has the city's approach to establishing an RDA, said City Manager Ron Olson. Instead of identifying a finite redevelopment project area, the city has chosen to begin the process of establishing the agency while studying the feasibility of several project areas.

March may come before the procedural, legal and mechanical aspects of establishing the agency are settled, Olson said. The city isn't even sure the two proposed project areas would qualify for participation in a redevelopment area.

With no property owners targeted for unwilling participation this time, the ordinance establishing the agency passed without discussion.