The parents of two teenagers found slain on the Snake River Bottoms west of Firth last summer say they're nearly destitute and desperately seeking money to hire a lawyer to protect their rights in the slaying investigation.

Peggy and Ron Annett say they've applied to the Crime Victims Compensation Fund for assistance but don't know whether they will receive help.Bingham County Sheriff Roy Nelson said members of the Annett family are no more suspect than anyone else being questioned about the deaths.

Mrs. Annett said during a judge's inquiry into the deaths that they asked for court-appointed attorneys but were told they're not eligible unless they've been charged with a crime.

Yet they feel their rights should be protected, she said.

"They say they'll give us a lawyer when we're arrested, but we feel that will be too late the way things are going," she said.

Mrs. Annett said that while no specific charges have been made by the police, the family feels "because of the way the police have been acting that we need a lawyer," she said. "The way we've been hit on, the comments they make, we just feel we need help."

Their house was searched by police two days before the judge's inquiry, Mrs. Annett said, claiming officers "trashed" the house in the process. The sheriff said his deputies said they did not use unnecessary force.

She said the family is nearly destitute and has no idea where to get money for a lawyer.

"We don't even have money to pay our power bill, our normal household expenses," she said. "How can we hire a lawyer?"

The bodies of two of the Annetts' children, Aaron, 17, and Kevin, 13, were found in a channel of the Snake River after their parents reported them missing on July 16. Both were shot to death.