Unless an agreement can be reached between American Fork and Highland cities, Highland residents will have to pay $30 per year to use the American Fork Library.

Members of the American Fork City Council declined to accept a proposal from the Highland City Council to pay American Fork $7,500 per year for use of its library by Highland residents. The proposal set the library use figure at that rate through June 30, 1991.The American Fork City Council voted to draft its own proposal, setting the use fee at $10,000 for the period Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 1989, with an increase of $2,000 per year for two years. The council said this proposal would allow the city to collect a fee equitable to the cost of providing library service to Highland residents.

Prior to 1987, Highland residents were charged $20 per year by the library for a family library card. In 1987, Highland City agreed to make payments to American Fork on behalf of its residents, using money from its general fund. The annual fee in 1987 was $5,000 and increased to $7,500 the following year. Highland's proposal freezes the rate at this level.

Julie Farnsworth, American Fork librarian, said use of the library by Highland residents has increased 200 percent since 1987.

"Eighty percent of Highland residents have an active library card," Farnsworth said. "Of 800 Highland residents, 600 have active library cards, which means they've used their cards at least once during the past year."

Farnsworth said with such heavy use of the library, American Fork must collect a fee in line with actual cost of providing the service.

If Highland does not agree to American Fork's proposal, the library will revert to charging individual families a fee for a library card. That fee, based on a per-capita state funding formula, would be $30 per year.