A retired Utah State University professor who has played a major role in the improvement of Utah communities has been honored by his peers. Sociologist Wesley T. Maughan received the Applied Sociology Award from the Utah Sociological Society. Maughan, working with the Utah League of Cities and Towns, and the State Department of Community and Economic Development, launched and facilitated the Utah Community Progress program.

Afghanistan's deputy foreign minister and a senior diplomat who accompanied o Afghanistan's prime minister on his mission to the United Nations defected last week, according to U.S. officials.

The officials said on condition of anonymity Thursday that Afghanistan's deputy foreign minister, Abdul Ghaffar Lakanwal, sought political asylum in the United States.Authorities say Lakanwal is the highest-ranking member of the Soviet-backed regime to have defected since Soviet troops entered Afghanistan in 1979.

Sources at the United Nations and with the U.S. government could identify the other defector only as a senior diplomat whose name was given as Kamal. But the Washington Post, in Friday's editions, identified him as Sayed Kamaluddin.