Parole was denied Friday to a 20-year-old man police believe may have been part of a Vietnamese gang that terrorized members of Salt Lake's Asian community in June 1987.

Vu Vanlinh Huynh of Long Beach, Calif., won't appear before the Utah Board of Pardons again until he has served five years of his one-to-15 year sentence on two counts of burglary, board members decided.Huynh, who left his native Vietnam at the age of 16, told the board repeatedly in broken English that his role in the crimes was only to keep an eye out for the police.

He denied firing shots at a police officer who stopped a car containing himself and two other participants in the crimes after the vehicle left the home of one of the victims.

The ensuing high-speed chase through downtown last June ended shortly after the robbers' car struck a van whose driver and three passengers - a Missouri family visiting Salt Lake City - were not hurt.

It was Huynh's denials that appeared of most concern to the three board members hearing his first request for parole. His crimes were described as violent and Huynh himself as very dangerous.

Board member Gary Webster said Huynh was one of three young men armed with guns who broke into the home of an Asian family in June 1987 and hit both the man and woman before taking jewelry and money.

Later that night, Webster said, the trio broke into the home of a 60-year-old man, cut his telephone lines, then struck and injured him while demanding money.

Webster said that Huynh's victims told authorities that the three robbers each wore a white glove on one hand and said, "Tell your friends, `The Hand' was here."