Actress Robin Givens raised the stakes in her high-profile divorce case with Mike Tyson, suing the heavyweight champ for $125 million for "false" and "defamatory" comments about her.

But Tyson's lawyer Wednesday mocked the suit by saying Givens "once again has caused attention to be drawn to herself for her own selfish reasons."Givens charged in the suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, that a Nov. 7 interview with Tyson in the New York Post was "false, defamatory, malicious and libelous" and called it "heinous and inhuman treatment."

Referring to Givens and her mother, Ruth Roper, Tyson said, "These two are the slime of the slime ... and anyone associated with them is slime. ... They tried to turn me into an imbecile. They got enough already from me."

Howard Weitzman, the boxing champ's lawyer, said Tyson made the comments "because he believed them to be true."

Raoul Felder, who is representing Givens, told the Cable News Network Tyson forced her to sue.

"I didn't know he was going to libel her," Felder told CNN. "I mean all the man had to do was keep his mouth shut. The thing is, we don't want his money."

"This (divorce) should be the simplest case that ever existed," Felder said. "And yet he throws one obstacle after another in front of finishing this thing off."