The second session in the Deseret News Ski School will be held at Alta Saturday morning as scheduled when the students enjoy the first snow of the season.

The newspaper-sponsored clinic, now in its 41st year, opened Saturday with a dryland session at Sugarhouse Park to introduce the beginning skiers to their equipment, walking and turning on skis, and ski safety.Instruction included downhill (alpine) and cross country.

Students are to meet by 9:30 a.m. at the Albion Day Lodge near the Albion ticket office for assignment to instructors for the two-hour lesson.

During Saturday's session, the downhill students will learn the techniques for climbing, side-slipping, diagonal climbing with step-around turns, the herringbone climb and step turn uphill while traversing. And then they'll glide down a gentle slope with a run-out.

For those in the cross country class, the second session will center on the teaching track to include short touring on natural terrain with bending, arm swing, pole use and natural body position.

Students will not be using the ski lifts until the third and fourth sessions Dec. 3 and 10. Classes will not be held on the Thanksgiving weekend.

Buses will leave Olympus Hills shopping center, 3900 South and Wasatch Blvd., and Cottonwood Mall (west of ZCMI) at 8:30 a.m. for those without private transportation. Cost is $7 round trip.