Atlanta outfielder Dale Murphy says the Braves have to make changes to win next season, and he doesn't mind if the changes include his being traded.

Murphy, a two-time National League Most Valuable Player who has spent his entire major league career with Atlanta, met Wednesday with General Manager Bobby Cox and emerged from the session saying the Braves will not improve on their 106-loss season if the team stays pat."I think it's obvious that (the Braves) have to make some changes to get competitive," Murphy said. "Whether that includes me or not, that's the goal, to be competitive next year."

Murphy has the right to approve any trade in which he is involved, and he told Cox he would consider "all the options."

Several teams, including the NL East champion New York Mets, reportedly have made inquiries about Murphy. Murphy, 32, said he would not rule out going to New York.