A fire that started when a wood-burning stove ignited insulation in a wall caused about $10,000 damage to a West Point home Wednesday afternoon, Clearfield Fire Chief Roger Bodily said. No injuries were reported.

Bodily said a wood-burning stove in a downstairs family room at the home of Ernest Salazar, 4609 W. Eighth North, ignited combustible material behind insulating brick. The fire smoldered inside the wall and traveled up to the home's second level, almost to the roof, Bodily said."It was a frustrating kind of fire to handle because you don't really know where to start," said the Clearfield chief. Clearfield supplies fire protection to West Point on contract.

"You go in there and have to punch a hole in the wall, hoping you're in the right spot. If not, you move on and punch another hole in the wall. Once that vapor barrier insulation behind the brick starts, it can smolder for hours before it bursts into flame," Bodily said.

Clearfield firemen were called about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday and worked until 7 p.m. to put out hot spots, then were called back an hour later to douse another hot spot, Bodily said.