Iomega Corp. has introduced a 44-megabyte Bernoulli Box drive that uses barrium ferrite media to offer twice the capacity of Iomega's standard Bernoulli boxes and a much faster access time.

Called Bernoulli Box II/44, Iomega said the new removable storage drive provides users with the high-capacity on-line storage needed for such data-intensive applications as graphics, image processing, database management and high-performance backup.Barrium ferrite is the latest medium available in disk drive technology. It makes possible bit densities of 31.2 megabits per square inch, much greater than the 13.5 megabits per square inch available with traditional disk media.

Combined with a disk caching process that keeps the most recently accessed data in high-speed memory, Iomega said the new drive offers a much improved average access time of 32 milliseconds, allowing much faster retrieval of data.

The Bernoulli Box II/44 will be available for IBM PCs and PS/2s in February and for Apple Macintosh computers in 1989.