A meeting between a Department of Energy official and governors of three states to discuss disposal of radioactive waste has been canceled, prompting sharp criticism from Govs. Cecil Andrus of Idaho and Roy Romer of Colorado.

Andrus, one of the governors invited to meet with Deputy Energy Secretary Joseph Salgado Wednesday in Salt Lake City, said in a news release that he was notified the DOE had called off the meeting.Salgado had been scheduled to meet with Andrus, Romer and New Mexico Gov. Garrey Carruthers to discuss ways to store nuclear waste from federal weapons production until a new disposal facility is opened next year in New Mexico.

Andrus said Monday the cancellation of the meeting was "the latest instance in a long line of indecision and delay" on part of the DOE.

"As I suspected almost a month ago, DOE in Washington doesn't have the slightest idea of what they are going to do to solve this problem," Andrus said.

Energy Secretary John S. Herrington requested the meeting after Andrus turned away a boxcar loaded with radioactive waste en route to the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory on Oct. 19. More than 4 million cubic feet of radioactive debris is stored at INEL.