The Kremlin Thursday said it was calling Estonian leaders to Moscow to discuss the tiny Baltic republic's declaration of its sovereignty - a challenge to central Soviet control.

The first official reaction to the vote of the Estonian Supreme Soviet on Wednesday was announced by the official Tass news agency while the parliament in a second Baltic republic, Lithuania, was meeting to consider similar action.Estonian legislators passed an amendment to their own constitution Wednesday requiring local ratification of new Soviet laws.

"Taking into consideration that the amendment and a number of other documents adopted by the Estonian parliament are at variance with provisions of the current constitution . . . the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet has decided to consider the above-mentioned issue at its next meeting, with representatives of the Estonian republic to be invited," Tass said.

The tone of the Tass statement was measured and appeared to stop short of an outright declaration that the Estonian parliament's action was unconstitutional.

It did not say when the meeting would take place, but presumably it would be called before the next full meeting of the 1,500-member national Supreme Soviet, which is scheduled Nov. 29.

In 1940, the Soviet Union annexed the Baltic republics, which have looked to the West.