Michael Dukakis basked in a warm homecoming after his failed presidential bid, returning to the place where he launched his career in public service 29 years ago: Brookline High School.

The occasion was the biannual town meeting Wednesday night in this Boston suburb of 59,000 people where the Democratic governor grew up and still resides. Dukakis had been invited there to address the meeting after his loss to Vice President George Bush."My commitment to the people, my commitment to democracy, my commitment to communities, my commitment to this country began right here in this auditorium as a Town Meeting member," said Dukakis from the stage of the room where he served from 1959 to 1970 as a member.

About 250 people, including the 240 elected Town Meeting members, gave him standing ovations at the start and finish of his 10-minute speech.

"While I'm disappointed, and many of you share that disappointment, I have to say it's good to be home," he said.