Some of the Timpanogos Commmunity Mental Health Center records seized by the attorney general's office in April as part of its investigation into the possible misuse of funds will be returned to Provo - albeit temporarily, the center's attorney said Tuesday.

Dave Lambert said the center will get back records from the last fiscal year to be used in Timp Mental Health's annual independent audit, but all records pertaining to charges and some contracts and payrolls will be retained.He said the records to be returned to the center amount to about 6 of the 78 boxes sitting in the attorney general's office. If additional records are essential to the audit, however, the attorney general's office will work with the center to provide copies.

"There are 70 plus boxes that they are willing to give back, but they wanted to do it on a limited basis," Lambert said. "They are putting some reins on this."

One requirement is that the records are housed in a secure location. The center plans to keep them at the independent auditors' office.

Lambert negotiated for the release so the auditors could work on last year's budget.

The records were taken last April after a legislative audit report alleged that more than $3.5 million in public funds had been misused by several of the center's top administrators.

Since that time, the attorney general's office has conducted further investigations into the allegations. On Oct. 28, the state filed criminal charges against three former administrators: Glen R. Brown, former executive director; Carl V. Smith, former director of specialty programs; and Craig W. Stephens, former business manager.