They may live in Pound, but they don't like extra pounds on their bodies. So the town of Pound is going on the Slim-Fast diet.

Slim-Fast wanted to put residents of an entire town on a diet and for obvious reasons selected the town of Pound, said Nancy Adamski, wife of Village President Richard Adamski and diet recruiter."I'm not saying everyone in Pound is fat, but its a country-wide thing - everyone has pounds to lose," Adamski said.

Representatives of the national diet program came to Pound Wednesday to kick off the diet.

During a weigh-in all participants stood together while a huge tape measure was put around of them.

"They're hoping at the end of 12 weeks they'll put the tape measure around us and they'll have inches to spare," Adamski said.

The whole thing started two months ago when Adamski received a call from an organization in New York that was working with Slim-Fast. The caller from the organization People Finders asked Adamski whether she could recruit 70 people wanting to lose 20 to 30 pounds to take part in the Slim-Fast diet.

Adamski put up fliers searching for people, and Pound residents with excess pounds began calling.

"I continue to get calls every day wondering if there's room on the diet plan," she said. "The whole town is fired up."