Wicat Systems Inc. has laid off 70 employees, the majority of them temporary workers, in a restructuring of the computer firm's research and development group.

Wicat announced the layoffs last Friday as the result of combining the research and development groups of hardware-software and educational curriculum.Included in the layoffs are 25 full-time workers. The majority of temporary employees were in product testing.

"It will save us money, but the principal reason is for better efficiencies in our product development groups," said Wicat president Robert W. Mendenhall.

Wicat develops and markets computer programs for training and education. Mendenhall said the layoffs and other developments occurring during the calendar year are related to the company's evolving product line and emphasis. In another labor reduction last April, 30 workers were laid off in other areas to give more focus to sales and marketing. During the current fiscal year, Wicat also recently sold its Australia-based distributing and service subsidiary.