A retired Utah Supreme Court chief justice was robbed in his upper-Avenues home Tuesday morning by two masked men.

The men, armed with handguns, entered the home of J. Allan Crockett shortly after 10 a.m., said Salt Lake Police Sgt. Bill Abbott."They had him sit down and then they searched the home," Abbott said. "They said something like `where's the money, old man.' "

The bandits then tied Crockett's feet together, pulled the telephone cord out of the wall and fled.

Detective Wade Wayment said the bandits stole about $30.

Neighbors reported seeing the men leave in a small, light-colored car.

Crockett, 82, broke free within a few minutes and went across the street, where he called police, who were dispatched at 10:25 a.m., Abbott said. The former justice was not injured.

Crockett became a district judge in 1940 and was elected to the Utah Supreme Court in 1950 and also served as chief justice. He retired from the bench in 1980.

Wayment said he doesn't believe the bandits knew or cared that Crockett was a judge and that the robbery appeared to be random.