Gov. Norm Bangerter is expected to return from a brief post-election vacation in St. George on Thursday to begin work on the 1990 fiscal budget.

And while the governor's administrative staff is likely to remain the same as during his first term, he is going to need a new chief of staff, officials said. Reed Searle, hired in the middle of the governor's first term, is reportedly quitting.Bangerter, who came from behind during the final days of the election to narrowly defeat Democrat Ted Wilson, also is scheduled to undergo knee surgery soon, probably in late December, for an injury suffered while playing basketball, said spokeswoman Francine Giani.

The surgery was postponed so Bangerter could attend a Republican Governors' meeting in Alabama next week.

Bangerter is expected to make his recommended budget public in early December. State officials said revenue projections are expected to be higher than anytime since 1984.