With a blanket of snow on the northern Utah mountains, the state Transportation Department has closed the Mirror Lake Road for the winter season.

Department spokeswoman Shirley Iverson says State Road 150, through the western end of the Uinta Mountains, has been posted closed from 14 miles east of Kamas to the Bear River Service Station near the Utah-Wyoming state line."All maintenance work on (state road) 150 is discontinued until next spring," Iverson said. "Closed roads are neither plowed nor patrolled, and motorists who proceed past the closure signs do so at their own risk."

The Mirror Lake Road is the fourth Utah mountain recreational highway posted closed for the 1988-89 winter season. The others are U-35 over Wolf Creek Pass, U-135 over Guardsman's Pass, and U-224 from Park City to Midway.

Roads into the mountain recreation areas are closed during the winter, Iverson said, "because declining traffic volumes do not warrant snow removal and maintenance."