Israel dismissed a PLO declaration of an independent Palestinian state on Tuesday and said the organization remained dedicated to terror.

A Foreign Ministry statement said the Palestine National Council acceptance of a key U.N. Security Council resolution that implicitly recognizes Israel's right to exist was "double talk aimed at obscuring the PLO's continued recourse to violence, terrorism and extremism."Meanwhile, the Israeli army sealed off the occupied West Bank and placed residents under curfew after Palestinians began celebrating the PLO declaration with fireworks and protests.

The Palestine National Council meeting in Algiers early on Tuesday proclaimed the establishment of an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital in a move to strengthen an 11-month-old uprising against Israeli rule.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Alon Liel said in the statement, "The PLO has shown once again that it cannot or will not face reality."

He said the Palestinian parliament-in-exile's resolutions contained neither a real recognition of Israel nor a satisfactory denunciation of terrorism. He added that international recognition of the PLO declaration would not bring peace to the Middle East.

Israeli leaders had dismissed the PLO move in advance as meaningless.