An attorney accused of beating his 6-year-old illegally adopted daughter to death, when told she was probably brain dead, replied, "Is there anything else wrong with her?" a nurse testified in his murder trial.

Joel Steinberg, 47, "was not overly concerned about what was going on," said Nancy Dodenhoff, who was working in the emergency room of St. Vincent's Hospital when a comatose Lisa Steinberg was brought in Nov. 2.Lisa's death drew national attention and made her a symbol of the plight of abused children. The girl was obtained illegally from an unmarried teen-ager and raised from birth by Steinberg and his live-in lover, Hedda Nussbaum.

Ms. Dodenhoff testified Thurdsay that Steinberg didn't cry and his tone of voice was "very flat, very bland, unemotional" when she told him Lisa was likely brain dead.