Democratic Party Chairman Randy Hor-iuchi thinks citizens should be able to register to vote right at the polls on election day, if they can prove they reside in the state.

And he accuses the state Republican Party of fighting such same-day registration because they fear more disadvantaged citizens will vote.But GOP state Chairman Craig Moody says Horiuchi is wrong. Moody said he earlier opposed a same-day registration bill in the Legislature because "it required no proof of residency at all, and we didn't want to open the voting system up to corruption and fraud."

The men argued the point during a debate at the Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah on Thursday.

Horiuchi said Republicans have systematically opposed voter registration reform. "They don't want people, many of them students like you here today, to vote. It's that simple," he said.

Moody replied: "What is so wrong with asking someone to register to vote in their own neighborhoods the Thursday before the election? That's what we do now. The reason we don't have wide-spread corruption in voting is because we stand by the laws."

Both Moody and Horiuchi said Utah has never had the voter corruption seen in some big cities.

Horiuchi said he's also angry the state and county clerks have, for the first time, required parties who request extra mail-in voter registration forms, to pay for those forms.

And he's really upset over an incident in Utah County, where an election office was closed early one day, but a former GOP county chairman was allowed in after the door was locked to file voter registration forms.