Boy Scouts for many years have been known for their "good turns."

But they are currently involved in a project of doing good for others that will require the cooperation of much more than Scouts and their leaders.Youths from throughout Utah are "Scouting for Food" and hope citizens within the Great Salt Lake, Utah National Parks, Cache Valley and Lake Bonneville councils will support them.

Last Saturday the youths, hoping to alleviate hunger among a growing number of needy individuals and families, left food collection bags at the homes of residents. Next Saturday, Nov. 19, the Scouts will return for the bags, hoping they will be filled with generous donations of commercially canned or packaged food, which will be delivered to public food banks and pantries.

People who will benefit from the Scouts' good turn are mainly elderly individuals on low, fixed incomes, single women with children and unemployed people who need emergency assistance.

The Boy Scouts of America says studies confirm that more than 20 million Americans, including 4 million children, go hungry at some time every month. Thousands of them are in Utah.

The food collection effort is an ideal way for Scouts to meet human needs of people, who for the most part have encountered problems over which they have little or no control.

Congratulations to the Scout councils, Utah Power & Light Co., which is providing bags, boxes and public relations support for the food collection project, and the Utah National Guard. On Saturday the Guard will provide personnel and equipment for boxing and hauling the food.

As Utahns approach the Thanksgiving season they may well show appreciation for their own blessings by being generous in their contributions to this worthy project.

If for some reason residents haven't received a food collection bag, they shouldn't hesitate to call their local Scout council, a Scout with whom they are acquainted or to deliver items to a food bank or pantry.