Families of 27 people killed in a church bus crash have agreed to cooperate with a planned movie or miniseries about the May 14 accident to ensure "it's done correctly."

"We want something realistic, not something Hollywood style," said Bill Nichols, a spokesman for the families.Nichols, whose son died in the wreck, said he and the others realized "somebody's going to make a movie of it, and we wanted to have some input."

Nichols said the families' main concern was "we don't want to portray Larry Mahoney as a hero, as he is being done now by his hometown folks."

Mahoney, 35, is charged with driving his pickup the wrong way on Interstate 71 near Carrollton when it collided with the Radcliff church bus carrying 63 youths and four adults. Twenty-seven people died during the fire that erupted soon after impact, and many others were severely burned and injured.

A representative of Krantz Productions Inc. of Studio City, Calif., is expected to meet with the family representatives next month. Nichols said the families and Krantz Productions are interested in emphasizing the danger of driving under the influence of alcohol.