Two men and two women were booked into Weber County Jail following the attempted kidnapping of an estranged mother's 20-month-old son from his guardian's home here, authorities say.

Police said the child was taken, purportedly at gunpoint, from the home of James C. and Evelyn Neal about 2:30 p.m. Saturday.A statewide police alert was issued by the Weber County Sheriff's Department, and the boy was recovered 45 minutes later when officers from the Brigham City Police Department, the Box Elder County Sheriff's Department and the Utah Highway Patrol stopped a station wagon on I-15 near Honeyville.

The four were arrested without incident.

Booked into jail were Carol Holleran, 30, the child's biological mother; Robert Via, 28, who is alleged to be the child's father; Mark Via, 26, Robert's brother, and Darla Jean Via, 44, Robert's mother.

All four gave Garden Grove, Calif., as their home town.

Weber County Sheriff's Deputy Phil Farr said the four will be arraigned on Monday after the county attorney's office reviews the case and makes a final decision on what charges to file.

Farr said a large, black air pistol that closely resembled a .45-caliber handgun allegedly was used to threaten the Neals.

The child, who was in good health, temporarily has been placed in the custody of the State Division of Family Services, Neal said.

"The incident evolved from an ongoing custody dispute," Farr said.

Chief Weber County Deputy Sam VanderHeide said the situation had been brewing since two weeks ago when the mother - who allegedly had abandoned the child to a friend when it was a newborn - returned to Utah to claim the infant.

VanderHeide said the county attorney asked family services workers to check out the situation before making any decision that would affect the child's future.

Evelyn Neal said she has been given custody of the child by the court. She declined on the advice of her attorney to comment further.