There's something about a man in a uniform, even if he looks like a real dummy. Just ask the students at Washington Elementary.

Students have been mesmerized by Vince and Larry, the two crash dummies who appear on those remember-to-buckle-up TV commercials. This week they've been at Washington as part of Safety Week.The weeklong safety events have taken on a special urgency since an accident two weeks ago in which 7-year-old William Nacomuy was struck by a car while riding his skateboard to school. Willie remains in critical condition at Primary Children's Hospital.

Washington social worker Norman Leifer, who has coordinated the week with the help of parents Pat Johnson and Walt Webster, is taking special care to remind the students about skateboard safety: Don't sit down while skating, don't go faster than you can control and be sure to wear a helmet.

Students will also learn about home safety and schoolyard safety, and will be reminded to always wear their seatbelts. They will each be asked to work with their parents to make plans for a safe year.

By the way, those are parents Walt Webster and Dennis Marler in the dummy uniforms.