A Twin Falls, Idaho, couple survived a forced landing of their light plane north of the Grand Canyon, a Civil Air Patrol spokeswoman says.

Jim Wilson Sharkey, 43, and his wife, Connie Jo, 37, were spotted at 8:10 a.m. Sunday by a CAP searcher and were rescued about an hour later by a state Department of Public Safety helicopter, said CAP spokeswoman Joyce Kienitz.Sharkey suffered a broken nose and an ankle injury, and Mrs. Sharkey was bruised and shaken, officials said.

Both were hospitalized at Flagstaff Regional Medical Center in guarded condition, a Coconino County dispatcher said.

Sharkey told investigators he was flying at about 12,000 feet Saturday when the engine on the single-engine Cessna 182 stopped and he made a forced landing on the Kaibab Plateau, about seven miles southwest of Jacob Lake.

The CAP began looking for the plane at daybreak Sunday, Kienitz said. She said the plane had not been heard from since they Sharkeys stopped at Winslow to refuel at mid-afternoon Saturday.

When Utah CAP were notified of the missing plane, members tracked the pattern of the plane by using a track analysis program. The program traced the pattern of the plane on radar until it was lost.

The Utah CAP then relayed the specifics about the longitude and latitude of where the plane went down. The Arizona CAP then flew to the crash site and rescued the Sharkeys.