Vital Statistics

Age. 31.

Where born: Salt Lake City.

Family: Wife Cynthia Kofford, daughter Whitney, 2 1/2 and son Max 1.

Education: Attended the University of Utah, master's degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, Sloan School of Management.

Primary products: A publicly traded chain of bookstores offering discount prices on newly released books, tapes, compact discs, videos, computerized software and other items for LDS consumers. Also, traditional/mainstream titles including self-improvement books, fiction, children's books, cartoons and videos.

Primary markets: Stores in Utah Arizona, Texas and California.

Number of employees: 35.

Annual sales: Approaching $4 million.

Personality Profile

First "real" job: Stuffing envelopes for Vox Box; delivering newspapers.

Management style: To paraphrase Joseph Smith, "Lay down good policies and principles and let people manage as if it is their own company."

Strategy for success: "Give the customers what they want."

A memorable failure: When working on Wall Street, one of the trading strategies I worked on lost a quarter of a million dollars."

Heroes: John Gault and Sun Tse.

Leisure time and hobbies: Reading to my kids. I used to devote a lot more time to book collecting.

Favorite book and movie: "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. "Chariots of Fire."