The Utah Education Association sent a message of support to Gov. Norm Bangerter Saturday, adopting a resolution that responds to recent statements by Bangerter that the organization is out of touch with its members.

"I want the governor to know that I, too, am willing to put politics aside and work together to solve the problems of education," said UEA President Jim Campbell, who congratulated Bangerter for coming back from a 30-point deficit in public opinion polls to win re-election.The educators adopted a resolution assuring the governor that UEA does represent them, and that "public school educators in this state are UEA."

The House of Delegates represents educators in all parts of the state and voted to designate four priority legislative objectives.

They are: a cost-of-living increase for educators, stability in school funding by creating "rainy day" funds when state budget surpluses occur, authority for school districts to fund education excellence programs and a 2 percent retirement benefit for each year an educator is employed. Educators say they now receive less than 2 percent for each year of service before 1976.